Hello and Welcome to The Gentle Woman – I am so glad you found your way here.

My own journey to this space began in mid-2016. It is a familiar story of the many empaths and highly sensitive people who ignore their inner calling.

Working as a senior copywriter in a toxic environment had left me stressed and burnt out. I was 35 and yet my soul felt weary and old. While I was earning ‘good’ money, I felt anything but – this was not the path I wanted to keep walking down.

I kept telling myself it would all be worth it, and I continued to fool myself and allowed fear to lead the way. Fortunately, in July 2016 I was made redundant. It was a shock at first, with many tears and moments of disbelief.

After two weeks I decided to take the redundancy as a very loud message from the Universe that there was a better way of life, if I had the courage. So rather than leap into another toxic environment and a job I would have come to hate, I simply stopped. I took a deep breath in, exhaled, and let myself rest.

And wonderful things began to happen.

I started to honour my vulnerability and softness, two strengths I once considered flaws that I needed to fix. Courage and determination replaced fear and hesitation. I not only listened to what my heart was saying, I trusted her.

I understood that my gentle nature allowed me to make beautiful and honest connections, and I knew it was time to pursue my inner calling to empower others. I am now studying a Bachelor of Counselling, and am also fortunate to work with like-minded souls at a women’s health and wellbeing centre. I’ve finally found my tribe!

In coming home to my heart, I realised that there are so many of us in the world who have been made to feel ashamed of our gentle nature, when it should be celebrated as the gift that it is.

So I created The Gentle Woman with the intention of encouraging you, dear reader, to embrace your True Self. The self that is vulnerable, sensitive, joyous and soft – the self that often feels like hiding to protect itself.

Here, at The Gentle Woman, I invite you to: learn about some of the tools I use to embrace my gentle nature, such as journalling and self-care practices; make yourself a cup of tea and read my reflective blog; and share with me your own thoughts on what it means to be a highly sensitive person in this world.

It is time to come home to your heart, dear soul. I hope you’re as excited about your journey as I am.

x Melissa

The Gentle Woman

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