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Remembering the sound of silence

Living in the sprawl of suburbia, the sound of silence is something you forget. There is always noise of some sort. Like screeching tyres as drivers realise there is a massive speed bump at the bottom of the hill. If that realisation comes a second too late, sometimes you’ll hear the front bumper being dragged up the street.

Leaf blowers would have to be one of the most frustrating things the ears are forced to endure. Whatever happened to a rake and broom, and a bit of elbow-grease? Why do people need an angry machine to blow leaves off the path? It seems like a tedious way to spend precious time.

It can begin to feel like an assault on the senses. So we had a night away from it all this weekend, in a little house surrounded by trees and nature and silence.

We sat out on the deck and watched a storm roll in, listening to the birds as they flew home and warned their mates to take cover. Their calls, along with the thunder and wind in the trees, were the only sounds we could hear.

It was magical, watching mother nature do her thing. We were in awe of the colour of a beautiful gum tree, it seemed to glow and shimmer as the dark clouds swept across the sky. I remember feeling like I had come home and this was where we were meant to be.

Funny how little time it takes to feel reconnected to nature and the world around you. You’ll laugh though – going to sleep was a weird experience. It was so bloody dark when we turned the light off! We kept waking up during the night, both of us thinking to ourselves ‘What was that sound? When is the sun going to come up?’

Some things take a little more time to adjust to than others. Next time we’ll just have to stay a bit longer. That ought to do the trick.

How do you recharge the batteries? Do you escape the city, or have you created an oasis in your backyard? Share how you welcome silence into your life in the comments below x

















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