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Peace and Patience

It looks like my intention to go with the flow this year is perhaps going to take a lot more patience on my end. I have been feeling in a rush to get everything done at once, looking miles into the future and getting nowhere at the same time.

But the last few days I have slowly been reeling myself back in from the waters of the unknown, looking at what is right now, and what I can do in this moment to help me navigate the seas of the future.

I had forgotten how easy it is to let the voice of my intuition fall on deaf ears! She can be hard to hear sometimes, even she admits that. Speak up, little one, speak up.

There have been a few things that I’ve wanted to focus on for a little while, and they are now crying out for attention. The Gentle Woman is a project that means a lot to me and one I have many hopes for. I feel it’s now time to devote some more energy to it and just see what direction it takes me.

Lorina Joy, author of the @MothsandScorpions Instagram account, provided some intuitive card readings the other day and a spot-on mantra for where I’m at right now:

“I am not stressed about where I am going. I will get there with peace and patience.”

So, with those words in mind, this little fish is going to keep on swimming through the tides of life.









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