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Stretchy like a rubber band (or my intention for 2017)

New Year’s Eve is upon us and like so many of you, I am reflecting on 2016 and thinking about the new year ahead.

While there were some challenging times and unexpected changes, the year was also full of love and golden days shared with family and friends -and also myself! Life is about balance, but I do hope your joyful moments far outweighed the not-so-good and the downright crap ones.

And with this one almost done and dusted, who knows what surprises lay in store for the next year?

But therein lies the delight. The delight in mystery, of not knowing what may happen. Or what may not happen. There will be sorrow, there will be joy, there will be boredom and excitement, just as there always is in life.

One thing is for certain – making plans is absolutely futile, or at least making set plans is. Sure, I have a vision for some of the things I would like to achieve in 2017, but I no longer grip at goals with fists so tight they strangle the life out of them.

There has to be a little give and breathing space to allow change and growth to occur. Kind of like a rubber band, flexing and stretching. Stretch it too tight and it snaps. But with the right amount of tension, it can bend in to all kinds of shapes.

So my intention for 2017 is to go with the flow. There’s a certain amount of trust you have to put out there, and you have to say goodbye to your inner control freak with this one.

But it is so worth it. Believe me. For everything that life brought to me this year (even the shitty bits), I am really, truely, deeply grateful.

I wish you a most extraordinary year of life, dear friends.

x Melissa

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