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Her own adventure: Travels in Ubud, part 1

This feels like a long overdue coming home. I didn’t think I would write in this space again, but the inspiration has come back and it feels like the right time.

Right now I’m in Ubud, Bali. Enjoying some ‘me time’ and restoring the batteries. When I booked the tickets way back in March, my intention for the trip was to head to the Ubud Writer’s Festival. But it has turned into something greater than that.

The day I flew out here marked the 10th anniversary of my mum dying. It’s hard to write that word, dying. I always choose ‘passing away’ because it’s softer and I feel less awkward about it – less awkward saying it to people. And to be fair, my beliefs around death are such that passing away seems a better fit – she passed away into the next world.

I have felt her with me every second of this trip, and I know she sent me here. Actually when I booked the holiday I was reading Gloria Steinem’s ‘On the Road’ and I was craving my own adventure. These words in particular filled me with wanderlust: “Every woman needs her own adventure and time to discover not only a new place and its people, but rediscover herself.”

Am I rediscovering myself in Ubud? Not exactly – I feel so many changes have occurred since the beginning of the year and I have managed to shed all that was no longer serving me. My ‘own adventure’ has been happening right at home the last six months, and it’s been pretty cool getting to know myself again.

But there are still some things to work on, there always are. Stretch and grow, stretch and grow. I think mainly this Ubud escape is about following my heart. Sometimes it seeks solitude, and that’s what I am giving it.

So far I haven’t ventured too far away from my villa. A ten minute walk today down the road for some lunch, and back again to my villa for a swim and a nap. I’d planned on going a little further but it was hot and I have a pool to myself – an opportunity like that should not be wasted!


Tomorrow I’m checking out the Writer’s Festival and am keen to look around central Ubud – it’ll be a big day out for this little introvert. And then we’ll see. I have a ticket for the next day too but I may just go to a few things and then get back to the pool.

Sunday will be my last day in this villa before heading up further in the mountains, to overlook the jungle and river. I’m expecting a few more critters in my room. As long as they don’t bite, they will be most welcome.




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  1. Cheryl Douglas says

    What a lovely story Mel. Hope you are enjoying your me time. It is hard to believe 10 years have past but i am sure mum is watching over you and proud of all you have done. enjoy the time away and refresh your body and soul.


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