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Home among the gum trees

Journalism is a wonderful thing. You get to meet all sorts of people, and creatures. Yesterday I visited a local koala sanctuary for a story I’m writing on these amazing marsupials. Details to come on that in the coming months, but for now here’s a photo of one very comfortable (and sleepy) koala.

The rest of the weekend has been fairly quiet, which is really lovely! I had a beautiful restorative yoga session this morning with one of my favourite teachers in the world, Prue from My Health Yoga at New Farm. A great way to start a Sunday morning and hopefully a good indicator for what the rest of the week will be like.

Tomorrow I start a new copywriting role in the city. Freelance writing is an incredibly hard road to follow and while I didn’t think I’d be back in a corporate sort of environment when I left my job at the paper, I’ve realised it’s a great thing to have the ‘skills to pay the bills’. I’m very fortunate I can use my writing skills and get regular work as a copywriter, playing around with words all day.

So with gratitude in my heart, I’m going to take a leaf from the awesome Pip at Meet me at Mikes, and Take Stock of all the little things in my life right now I am thankful for.

Making : soy hot chocolate, ohhh yes
Cooking : not much! Haven’t been in the cooking frame of mind lately, although we just had leftover Mexican lentil and bean topped with avo, which was ace. Simple is best at the moment.
Drinking : mostly tea, water… and hot chocolate!
Reading: Sara Novic’s Girl at War, a fictional account of the Bosnian-Croat conflict, told through the eyes of Ana Juric. Also reading Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christine Northrup – brilliant and a must have book for any woman.
Wanting: Danish tallboy
Looking: forward to Creative Women’s Circle event on Tuesday night
Playing: piano in my head
Deciding: what to wear to work tomorrow
Wishing: for a less wasteful planet
Enjoying: the afternoon sun through the window
Waiting: for my first Latin Dance Bootcamp class on Thursday
Liking: the smell of fresh washing on the line
Wondering: why I always put the washing out too late
Loving: the fact I’ll be spending the rest of the arvo reading on the couch
Pondering: why is everything made of plastic
Considering: a weekend over on Russell Island
Buying: maybe another book
Watching: Hannibal…creepy but very satisfying
Hoping: my new job is awesome
Marvelling: at my cat
Cringing: at the idiot yesterday who remarked a black cockatoo was ‘ugly’. Ugh.
Needing: nothing. No wait, an ironing lady or man.
Questioning: everything
Smelling: fresh air through the window
Wearing: cosy scarf, jeans, two tops and a hoodie (I feel the cold, alright?)
Following: The Wooden Spoon
Sorting: jars in the kitchen cupboard
Bookmarking: Happy Bandits
Coveting: beautiful silk prints at The Fabric Store
Disliking: ignorance
Opening: tub of Noosa Chocolate Factory raw cacao powder
Feeling: content
Snacking: almonds
Hearing: kids at their Birthday party next door

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