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Give me the simple life

They say home is where the heart is, and my heart is in the country right now. We just spent the long weekend in a place called Kingaroy, a big old country town about three hours north west of Brisbane (South Burnett region). We stayed in a modern self-contained cabin* nestled in the hills a little way out of town. It ruined me, I think. Coming back to reality this afternoon was tough to say the least!

One of the things I love about being away from the city is the feeling of being connected to the natural world. We were woken on both mornings with a chorus of kookaburras and magpies, such a wonderful change to garbage trucks or the revs of cars, or the dreaded alarm clock. There’s nothing natural about that, my friends.

During the day we visited a couple of nearby wineries, took in the scenery and returned ‘home’ to read and draw. And think! With no internet or phone reception, there was nothing to distract us from getting lost in our thoughts. It was wonderful to just close my eyes and enjoy the silence. I get so tired of the noise, these days.

At dusk we sat outside in the crisp air with a glass of red, staying quiet as wallabies crept down the hill for their evening feed. I especially loved the magpies hopping about in the paddock, such industrious little creatures who forage from sunrise to sundown. We also had two very shy rosellas visit in a nearby tree and tiny little finches from time to time.

There is something very humbling about watching the sun set of an afternoon, the way it colours the sky peach and softens the rich red dirt of Kingaroy a soft pink. It was beautiful, seeing the darkness move slowly across the paddocks while the sun still shone on the bunya nut trees in the distance. Until finally, they too were dimmed and it was time to go in and sit by the fire.

It’s the kind of simple life we had a few years ago, when we were lucky enough to live on a mountain surrounded by rainforest. We had to return to the city because of work, but that 18 or so months was like bait to fish – we got a little taste and we were hooked.

We are working hard to get back to that simpler life, to the stillness of nature. For now though, it’s enough to remember that endless sky, and know how lucky we are to have experienced it.

*We stayed at Deshons Retreat, Kingaroy. It was magical, get there if you can.

kingaroy view 2



Kingaroy view 1



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  1. Cheryl Douglas says

    What a truly magic weekend you both had. good for the soul I am sure. Hope you both came back relaxed and re-energised. Sometimes the simple life is the best without all the trappings.

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