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Autumn rituals

Hello readers, hope this is reaching you after a beautiful Easter long weekend.

I had planned on blogging over the four days but you know how these things sometimes go. We gave the house a good spit and polish, getting into every nook and cranny with the vacuum and mop and dust cloth. Despite the nature of cleaning being a chore it was strangely satisfying. And now we have a clean house (ready to be undone by week’s end, I’m sure!)

I also read a lot, which was just delicious. One of the books I returned to on the weekend was The Way of the Happy Woman (Living the Best Year of Your Life) by Sara Avant Stover. Lady friends, this is one you’ll keep coming back to every single season, I highly recommend buying or borrowing from your local library if they have it (you seriously won’t want to return it though so get your own copy if you can!). Gentlemen friends, buy this for your sisters, friends, mum, aunts, wife or girlfriend – any special woman in your life.They will not only thank you, but you will also benefit from what they discover and learn.

What’s so great about this book then? Well for starters, it gets you thinking about you. Where are you in life right now? Are there things you want to change so you can live the life you want to live – a happier, simpler life that nourishes your soul and your heart? This book shows you really simple ways to get you back to your true self and how to gently let go of things that are no longer serving you. You may not recognise what they are immediately, but by the end of the four seasons you will.

One of the wonderful things I love about this book at the moment is the reconnection to daily rituals it has inspired. Small things that actually mean a lot and go far in soothing the body and the mind.

Waking up and taking a few deep breaths before I place my feet on the floor. Coming into my little space and setting an intention for the day before stretching my rested limbs.

Making porridge with organic rolled oats and swirling honey from Stanthorpe through before warming up my belly. I remember Dad saying oats “stick to your sides” meaning they set you up for the day and give you nourishment. I couldn’t agree more.

At night I like to set up my ‘alter’ in my room – the top of a low bookshelf with photos of family and friends and little keepsakes. They are surrounded by candles and tea lights and it’s really beautiful seeing the flames flicker, gently lighting the photos. Yesterday I spent ten minutes in a loving-kindness meditation, sending much love to a very dear person who is quite possibly reading this right now. I hope they felt it and know how special they are.

To end my night I like to dab some lavender oil on a face washcloth and use it to cleanse my body in the shower. I have been trying my best not to be an environmental villain and limiting shower time to four minutes – but maybe this weekend I’ll save up my showers and take a luxurious lavender bath.

And then my friends it’s time for writing in my journal and reading a little more of one of the books on my bedside – I’ll write another post this week about those and why I’m enjoying them for the next installment of Book Club.

So these are my autumn rituals. I look forward to creating a few more as they days become colder and shorter and the nights longer. I’d love to hear about your rituals you have readers – perhaps something you do every autumn since you were a kid, or something you’ve just begun this year. Leave your comments below (just hit the ‘comment’ button at the top of this post, next to the date).

M x

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