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Break in the weather

Autumn is finally here! I was going to write this last week and then we got a heatwave. Um 36 degrees in March? Thank you global warming. We had a storm here on Saturday that was so wild lightning struck the house next door. I just about crapped myself – I have never had a good relationship with storms and I am not one of those Australians who can watch lightning crack over cane fields and think it’s the best thing ever (but here’s an awesome song from GANGgajang that makes me wish I was) .

But now, I think it is safe to wax lyrical about the awesomeness that is autumn. The mornings have a beautiful chill in the air, the cat wants to snuggle next to me, and the light-weight quilt I bought online a couple of months ago is no longer getting tossed off the bed in a heat-induced rage. It was a very long summer here in Brisbane.

I have a few goals this season. One is to work out what the hell I am doing with gardening. In particular the herbs in pots. Why do they grow so beautifully one day and then die the next? I think it has something to do with the soil I am putting them in. Maybe I need to research pH levels and all that jazz. It just seems all so technical – and this coming from a girl whose grandfather earned a living from toiling the soil and selling fruit and vegetables from his farm. His six children learned how to raise seedlings and grow bountiful crops, so I think it’s time I got some insider knowledge from my dad and aunts.

Goal two is to start getting our little block of land over on Russell Island ready to rock. That means a fence, water pipes, septic tank to begin with. Then we start to build our home. The plan is to get a basic weekender with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom that we can then extend on over the years.

And goal three is to start salsa dancing! There is a beginner’s course starting in a few weeks at Rio Rhythmics in West End, and I plan on signing up to Samba No Pé – which is danced individually and means “Samba of the Feet”. It is also, according to the website, my “passport to some of the best dance parties in the world”. Say no more and hand me my dancing shoes!

Do you have any goals you want to achieve this season readers? I’d love for you to share them here (just click the leave comment link above this post).

Until next time,

M x

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