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Take it easy Sunday

Hooray for Sunday! Feeling very lazy today and am going to take full advantage of my lazy bones – I’m not going to do much at all except catch up on some reading and listen to music. I did want to do a quick little post today though listing the things I am particularly grateful for on this Sunday morning.

  1. 90s music: Last night we ended up listening to songs from our teens – and realised how bloody old we are when we lamented how we feel sorry for “kids these days” who missed out on this decade of music. Ah nostalgia! High on the playlist was Faith No More, and as a tribute to their gig at Soundwave in Brisbane this weekend, here’s a clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPzDTfIb0DU
  2. Coffee: Need I say more? Although I am also grateful for tea because if you think I can have coffee after 12pm and be able to get to sleep that night you are mistaken, my friend. So I am grateful for peppermint and green tea in the afternoon.
  3. Swimming: I have recently begun swimming laps again at a pool in the city and I love it. It’s like meditation under water.
  4. Curtains: We’ve just replaced roller blinds in our room and ‘my office’ with thick, navy curtains. I never knew I could love a bunch of hanging material so much. They look awesome, make the rooms cool (and warm in winter) act as soundproofing from the outside world, and I never have to listen to the stupid roller blinds flap against the window when a breeze comes through. Honestly it used to drive me up the wall. Curtains rock!
  5. Mouse, my cat: Because she is just so awesome and makes me laugh every single day. She’s been my bestie for 15 years and I love her beyond words.


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