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Ahh, rainy days. They can feel kind of magical when you’re safe and dry inside. Although today feels a little more sinister, like things could turn ugly at any moment. For the people living further up north in Yeppoon and along the coastline, it is getting ugly, with the deluge of category 5 Cyclone Marcia on its way.

C is getting sent home from work in case of flash flooding in the city. Brisbane locals know all too well how fast it can happen when the rain keeps on coming. I’ve cancelled an interview today on the other side of town and also will not be seeing my beautiful students tomorrow for our beginner’s class – best to just stay off the roads in this kind of weather.

Brings back memories of 2011, when Queensland was hit by floods. We were on holidays but had been stuck inside for almost a week by that stage with constant heavy rain. C’s brother was visiting from Mt Isa as well and we were all starting to get cabin fever, so decided to brave the weather and headed to GoMA one morning.

There was maybe a handful of other people there besides us, which was very strange. Usually there was a massive line for a huge slippery dip that had been installed as part of an exhibition, but it was just us taking the ride that day. It was kind of eerie. Then we heard an announcement that the gallery was closing because of flood warnings, and we struggled to get home on public transport along with thousands of city workers who were evacuated.

And a couple of days later it did flood in Queensland. Lives were lost, towns and suburbs ruined, homes and businesses destroyed.

It’s been a few years but I’m sure a lot of flood survivors would see a darkened sky and become anxious and feel there was nothing magical about a rain cloud at all. Puts things into perspective when you’re complaining about not getting the washing  dry, doesn’t it? Thoughts with all those who are facing the force of Cyclone Marcia.

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