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On the road again (a trip down memory lane)

Monday was Australia Day, a public holiday for us here ‘Down Under’. We spent the day in my little office, the only room in the house with air-conditioning. We watched The Little Death and The Grand Budapest Hotel, fell down blog holes and enjoyed not being in the 34 degree heat outside.

One of the blogs I became lost in was the wonderful Foxs Lane. I’ve visited many times but last night I looked at older entries from a couple of years back, when the family travelled Australia in a caravan. It reminded me of trips I went on as a kid with my mum and dad and older brother.

Mum took so many photos, she captured everything from setting up camp (we didn’t have a caravan, just a tent) to us climbing up Bald Rock. She would also write log entries with details about particular places.

On the really big trips, such as Sydney to Mt Isa, she would also include day-to-day stuff like the price of petrol (yes, Dad drove the whole way. Being ‘on the road’ is where I developed an imagination. Not a lot to do except make up stories in your head when the road stretches for miles in front of you, hours on end).

Between her photos and her words, Mum would have been a wonderful blogger. I wish she could have had the chance to share her experiences online, but I am thankful that I still have all of the photo albums she filled with memories of our family. We were, always, her pride and joy.

One day, when C and I have started our own family and they are old enough, I would love to take our kids on an adventure around Australia. We’ve never been to the Northern Territory, or Tasmania, or Western Australia. Something to plan for in the future I think.

Do you remember travelling with your family, readers, or do you travel with your kids now? Where are your favourite places to go together?

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