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Seeds of change

Between what can only be described as revolting heat over the weekend, a lack of TLC and greedy little possums, our plants have taken a bit of a beating recently.

So today, instead of spending an hour on facebook or social media, I got out into our neglected garden. I planted some coriander seedlings and a rosemary plant we bought the other day, topped up the soil on some sick-looking tomato plants and prayed to the garden Gods to save them. 

On a positive note, the chives, mint and flat-leafed parsley are all thriving. They were planted in a used polystyrene box and while it may not look very pretty, the plants love the environment. I remember having wonderful luck growing broccoli and lettuce in these boxes years ago, so I think I will keep my eye out for some more when we’re at the shops next time.

Also doing well is the bay tree and the rocket seedlings, and a chilli plant we have in a raised garden bed, protected from the possums and other critters by wire staked around the plant. I am determined to get the garden absolutely blooming over the coming weeks, as one of my goals for 2015 was to grow more of our own food.

So tomorrow I will be heading to the nursery down the road to buy some good quality soil, manure and perhaps some blood and bone to get the raised garden bed pumping with nutrients and hopefully attract some worms. With luck, the next photo you will see of the garden will be an improvement on this one!

I have also decided that every time I get the urge to jump on facebook (I am on a self-imposed ban right now, it was becoming a little concerning) I will head out to the garden or read the wonderful Earth Garden magazine for inspiration.

How does your garden grow readers? Do you have tips for helping plants survive summer? And does anyone know how to keep tomatoes alive for more than three months?

M x

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