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We often hear the word ‘gratitude’ in yoga philosophy and it’s pretty much the only way to describe what I’m feeling right now.

When I decided to host a beginner’s yoga course at my local community centre, it was my way of giving back to the Universe for all the things I have learned and come to accept because of yoga over the last 16 or so years, particularly last year.

I wanted to share that with others and introduce them to a lifelong relationship with yoga, and after this morning I feel my own relationship with yoga has deepened.

I feel so much gratitude for the beautiful souls who joined me for the very first class today. These yogis were my teachers. They were so willing to learn and listen, not only to my guiding voice but most importantly, to their own bodies.

When we held downward dog, a strong pose for even the advanced yogi, they came out of it when their body had had enough. They trusted me, and their bodies, to take them into the pose again, first taking a few moments together to connect with the breath, then rising back into our upside down ‘V’ shapes. Our much deserved reward was a wide-legged child’s pose. Ahhhhhhh.

It was amazing listening to everyone’s breath during our practice, the inhale, the exhale, as they guided their bodies through the asanas. I spoke to the class about coming to know their true authentic selves through yoga, but the funny thing is I tapped into my authentic ‘teacher’ self for the first time because of their energy.

This ‘teacher’ self was not a different version of me, the one I thought I needed to be – I was just being me. And it felt awesome.

So thank you, Universe, for sending these wonderful beings into my life. What an absolute gift.


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